Do teachers have enough time to spend with each of their pupils? No need to ask the question really, but now there’s an answer which doesn’t require new government money or yet longer hours for teachers. It’s an Internet site called The Educator.

The Internet magazine is designed to reduce the time teachers spend on paperwork, and was launched as a full service today. The Educator has been growing in popularity during its limited trial, getting attention for the unique assessment services it provides.

“We’ve taken some time to make sure that the service is really useful to the everyday life of teachers. And we’re pleased that everyone who’s using it is so positive”, says Jonathan Bishop, one of the editors. “I think its success is based on the fact that really it’s the culmination of years of work by teachers themselves.”

Assessing each child is the vital – and often time consuming – part of every teacher’s job as they prepare lessons. The Educator makes the process both quicker and more effective. After the user answers a series of straightforward questions, the site immediately returns a graphical analysis of progress, measured against the rest of the class if requested, and can recommend how to correct any deficiencies. It’s all based on official educational scales and produces results that can be given directly to parents – something that is appealing more and more to schools in an increasingly competitive environment.

It’s particularly useful for special needs children where this type of analysis is a legislative requirement. The precise planning for each pupil, of course, still depends on professional judgement of teachers. The Educator serves by providing some excellent information for informing that judgement, and keeps the National Curriculum requirements always at hand. 

The service is now backed up by a full training course and telephone help-line from the leading education training provider Wessex Learning On Line. But what is perhaps more unlikely is that the Internet service itself is entirely free to use.

“We intend to keep the service free to teachers”, says Jonathan, “but also continue to expand and enhance the wealth of information services also included on The Educator site”.


Notes for Editors

The Educator is an Internet based magazine that will provide interactive services to help teachers and lecturers plan and assess their work. It’s the link between the analysis required after teaching and the preparation required before. It will be the indispensable digital assistant for all teachers, available as each school gets connected. No charges will be made to schools for use of the assessment services available at The Educator.