Long hours spent tediously churning through paperwork could soon be coming to an end for many teachers. Educational assessments are not only lengthy to complete, they can also be complex, and teachers are required to conduct them on all children. But now, for the first time, it is possible to do much of the tedium and complexity at an Internet site called The Educator.

“It is just the first of many services that will be available from The Educator, but on its own it is already a great help to the modern teaching day. We want The Educator to make a dramatic improvement in the time teachers have available to spend on their priorities,” said Matthew Bishop, one of the magazine editors.

The Educator is starting to make The Internet useful as well as just interesting for teachers. As the year of the Internet in Education unfolds, and more schools get access to the Internet, The Educator will be the sort of site that makes the euphoria seem worthwhile.

The Educator believes “it’s about elevating the Internet from a spare-moment curiosity to an indispensable part of teaching”.

Readers of the Educator can stride around the corridors of The Educator’s school, getting to services without the sort of distractions they might be used to in school corridors, or use the hot links to get straight to the services. An Individual Educational Assessment can be created, and curriculum assessments or even special needs assessments can be tailored for each child. All of it is anonymous so, as in the paper age, it is only the teacher, parents and the children that benefit.


Notes for Editors

The Educator is an Internet based magazine that will provide interactive services to help teachers and lecturers plan and assess their work. It’s the link between the analysis required after teaching and the preparation required before. It will be the indispensable digital assistant for all teachers, available as each school gets connected. No charges will be made to schools for use of the assessment services available at The Educator.