The Educator internet site launched today a new service for teachers where they can ask for custom dissertation writing service and get the best possible service. Also, It can now provide a complete class analysis of pupils’ assessments. The web site is already a popular destination for teachers, with about 1000 unique visitors each month, and this service adds to the existing education assessment, discussion and information services.

Originally designed by some frustrated teachers to reduce the time they spend on paperwork, The Educator now provides services which allow the teacher to regain control over the time they spend on administration and plan their educational content supported by detailed analysis of their pupils.

“Teachers are getting fed up with what they can get from the internet. Too much has been promised for too long. This site changes all that.”, says Jonathan Bishop, one of the editors. “Because the services have been born out of real educational experience, they can really make a difference to how teachers approach their planning.”

For many teachers the internet is a unrewarding and frustrating resource. It demands both time and patience, and at best only provides raw information. But it’s also full of potentially unwanted material and endlessly full of useless information. The Educator changes all of that in two ways: it sorts information into the categories that mean something to teachers, and – more excitingly – provides some genuinely innovative interactive services.

The existing services do include intelligent content management of educational material, a monitored educational discussion site, and provide for real time analysis of pupils progress against the national curriculum, giving specific guidance for individual pupil planning, but they have never before given an analysis of how the class as a whole have progressed.

This new service means that teachers can now take all the individual assessments and create a view as to how they should be planning the teaching across the group. It allows them to quickly identify educational trends and learning issues, and for head-teachers or department heads, provides information on how the teacher might be developed. The service is quite unique on the internet, is based on the underlying curriculum to preserve educational rigour, and because of its origins feels like it is actually owned by teachers themselves!

“We want to simplify the everyday educational tasks that teachers face, and improve what teachers can use the internet for. This is the best place for teachers to learn, share, and get better results for their pupils”, says Jonathan.


Notes for Editors

The Educator is an Internet based magazine that will provide interactive services to help teachers and lecturers plan and assess their work. It’s the link between the analysis required after teaching and the preparation required before. It will be the indispensable digital assistant for all teachers, available as each school gets connected. No charges will be made to schools for use of the online assessment services available at The Educator.