The Educator internet site launched today a new service for teachers. The new discussion facility in the staff room re-emphasises that The Educator is produced by teachers for teachers. Who is the best source of practical advice for teachers? Who is most likely to know the answers to a teacher’s everyday issues? The answer is obvious really, but now there is a way of connecting the experts – teachers themselves – to each other using the Internet at a site called The Educator.

Originally designed by some frustrated teachers to reduce the time they spend on paperwork, The Educator was launched as a full service last year. Although regularly updated, this new service is the first major new service to be included.

“We know that there is a wealth of untapped knowledge and expertise locked inside teachers’ own experience. We’ve launched this new service to help share that amongst us all as individual teachers.”, says Jonathan Bishop, one of the editors. “I think it really complements the assessment services we already offer: because it’s directed at teachers that need the internet to be more useful than just technology.”

For many teachers the internet is a unrewarding and frustrating resource. It demands both time and patience, and at best only provides raw information. But it’s also full of potentially unwanted material and endlessly full of useless information. The Educator changes all of that in two ways: it sorts information into the categories that mean something to teachers, and – more excitingly – provides some genuinely innovative interactive services.

The most significant service to date has been the assessment service. Assessing each child is the basis of every teacher’s job as they prepare lessons. The Educator makes the process both quicker and more effective. After the user answers a series of straightforward questions, the site immediately returns a graphical analysis of progress, measured against the rest of the class if requested, and can recommend how to correct any deficiencies. It’s all based on official educational scales and produces results that can be given directly to parents.

The new discussion service means that teachers can now share their experience of the assessment service, and also query or pass on information about subjects from PE to literacy. The discussions are moderated to ensure that they remain appropriate, and the graphical approach to the entire site means that are simple to use and review. True to the spirit of The Educator, the service is free for teachers – in fact is feels like it is owned by teachers!

“We want to simplify the everyday educational tasks that teachers face, and also the way teachers can use the internet. This is the best place for teachers to learn from teachers and so get the best results for their pupils”, says Jonathan.


Notes for Editors

The Educator is an Internet based magazine that will provide interactive services to help teachers and lecturers plan and assess their work. It’s the link between the analysis required after teaching and the preparation required before. It will be the indispensable digital assistant for all teachers, available as each school gets connected. No charges will be made to schools for use of the assessment services available at The Educator.